Babes on Babes

Queer Long Weekend / Thursday Edition

Thursday, April 18, 2019

11:00 pm

Late Show

What’s better than celebrating being Queer on a Sunday? Celebrating being Queer on a Thursday!! Spring has sprung and April is just around the corner, this year we’re throwing Babes on the Thursday of the double long weekend! We have some very special guests rolling through HOUSE OF LA DOUCHE, Queer eccentric Voguing and dance crew with a taste for uniqueness, creativity and sharing culture! Read on for all the details including what rooms we’ll have open, DJs and other entertainment.


** Cover: $18

** Doors Open: 10pm

Hosted by: MC Brigee.K

Accessible pricing policy in effect! –> It’s important to us that folks with financial barriers be able to access this event. We ask that you give us an advance notice if you need sliding scale admission. Whatever you can afford is okay.

Email us at

19+ / Everyone welcome LGBTQIA2+ / All identities welcome.

Washrooms are gender neutral/all genders.

Venue – Fortune Sound Club 147 E. Pender St.

Fortune is easily accessible by transit, street parking is available but please don’t drink and drive.



Please remember: consent is sexy… and mandatory. Leave your oppressive & non inclusive behavior at the door. The Buddy System will be in effect. Our buddy will be wearing a bright yellow shirt. They will have bottled water handy for you, run interference if someone is receiving unwanted attention and generally serve as go-to support should any problems or questions arise.

While we cannot encourage the use of recreational drugs, we understand that folks have a variety of ways they like to party. We will have someone trained to administer NARCAN (available at this event) in the event of an opiate overdose.



Babes On Babes donates a portion of our proceeds from each event to local Queer services, we are always looking for new avenues to donate to. Feel free to email us your ideas and suggestions.

Recently we have donated to the following:

Rainbow Refugee

Support and assistance with Queer LGBT and/or HIV+ asylum seekers, refugee claimants and refugees in Canada.

If you would like more information or want to donate, check out their website!

To Van With Love

We are a small circle of 5 women, Jen (a.k.a Scotty), Alex, Sandra, Yuki and Brenda, dedicated to sponsor and support a Russian lesbian couple and their 13 year old daughter to gain refugee status in Vancouver, Canada. This family had to flee their home country of Russia due to persecution based on their sexual orientation. They are currently living as refugees, moving city to city, in eastern Europe with no health care, education or stable life style.



LGBTQIA2+ / All identities welcome.

Washrooms are gender neutral.

Reminder that the more packed a space is, the less accessible it is. Please keep in mind how your body moves throughout the room and around people.


Please follow the link below for the detailed accessibility summary of Fortune Sound Club.



Babes On Babes is a Queer long weekend event. We are a
collective of artists, DJs and promoters with the desire to showcase and celebrate local and international Queer talent.


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