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Ramzoid at Happy Ending Fridays

in Events

Co-founder and inhabitant of Soda Island, young Canadian producer Ramzoid brings his unmistakable sound to Happy Ending Fridays December 30th with Juelz, Yurie + LeChance plus the Get LITT fam takes over the Livestock Room. FREE RSVP –> Sponsored by Livestock, Cariboo Brewing, Do604 & Taikan Everything. Follow us... [ Read More ]

Branchez puts his own melodic spin on club music

in Blog

Is it the universal backing of arts and culture in New York that drives creativity in that city? Is it the high density living situations? The pressure to constantly work and grind at all times? The overall intensity of New York seems to infuse acertain type of energy into the... [ Read More ]

Supercolour Spring/Summer Fashion Show

in Blog

There is no denying that music and fashion have developed an incestuous relationship. The sartorial element of music translates into one's identity and it allows music to have a visual style. On April 10th Fortune Sound Club will be celebrating this relationship by starting off the weekend with the Supercolour... [ Read More ]

HEF 5 Year Interview w/ Gman & Cherchez on Winnie Cooper

in Blog

"Usually happy endings are the conclusion of a Disney story or the result of an extra special massage but five years ago Fortune Sound Club needed to make a Friday event that would stick and be well known not only in the city but by all the artists that played... [ Read More ]