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4 interesting foods we found at the Richmond Night Market

By Vanessa Tam

To this day, the annual Richmond Night Market continues to maintain its reputation as one of the best spots in the city to both fill your belly with Asian style street food and your pockets with fun little tchotchkes. From Pokemon themed hair clips and dim sum to false eyelashes and bubble tea, the Richmond Night Market has it all!

This year, we went to track down some of the most interesting foods to taste at the Richmond Night Market whilst fidget spinning our anxieties away.

Spicy BBQ Squid Legs

Trust you gut before going in on these spicy squid legs. With a texture that’s similar to BBQ calamari, these squid legs are brushed with a spicy chilli paste that starts as a slow burn and continues to build long after the dish is finished.

Cost: $10

Taste: 5/5

Unagi Tamayaki

Best compared to a savoury omelette filled with little chunks of grilled eel, Tamayakis are kind of like pizza in that you can put almost anything on them and it’ll probably taste great. Topped with a savoury sauce, Japanese mayo, seaweed flakes, crispy ...


Tomorrow night! We’re celebrating R&B at Happy Ending Fridays as we host T R A P S O U L w/ residents Yurie, Flores and LeChance spinning everything from Bryson Tiller to The Weeknd!

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Photos now up from last week's Sup Fu? Saturdays 👌👌👌

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G4SHI is coming thru Happy Ending Fridays October 6th on The Disrespectful Tour. Get tickets ~ ... MORELESS