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Happy Ending Fridays

Featured Event: Happy Ending Fridays

Happy Ending Fridays features the world’s best on rotation alongside local superstars including LeChance, Cherchez, Rich-A, J Soul, Christian Flores, Christine Yurie, Jolin Ras, Wtru, Tails, Dr.Seiz, Shaunic, Ekali, Kempeh & more! No matter what style…


Russ & Alexander Lewis // Happy Ending Fridays

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Feature Video: Hayden James

Aslan Chai opens Vancouver’s first pop-up chai bar

With duvet season fully upon us, everyone is looking for a way to stay warm and cozy throughout the onslaught of cold and wet weather. While coffee is a go to for many, people who are trying to forgo the highly caffeinated beverage have few options to choose from.

This is where Vancouver born chai company Aslan Chai comes in. At the end of October Aslan Amini, founder of the company, will be opening a pop-up cafe in the heart of Chinatown where they will be serving perfectly brewed chai teas made from ground whole spices with zero traces of artificial flavours, powders or syrups.

First starting to appreciate chai tea when he first found out about the process, Amini explains how, “While some variations of chai tea comes in tea bags, traditionally a chaiwala will make it in a pot with milk over a flame while the spices brew, just like Aslan Chai.”

In addition to the in-house brewing of Amini’s signature Spicy Chai, there will be also be two limited edition Pumpkin Spice Chai and Cocoa Chai flavours available only at ...


Photos from last week's Glory Days takeover at Happy Ending Fridays are UP and reminder to grab your tickets for this week's Happy Ending Halloween at Fortune Sound Club cuz we goin til 3AM --> ... MORELESS

Set times for tonight with Hayden James LIVE on his "Just A Lover" North American Tour and special guests Elderbrook & Luke Million.

Get last minute tickets here: or at the door. Doors at 9pm.

10.21.2016 Happy Ending Fridays presented a Glory Days takeover with Rico Uno, Jason Sulyma, Erik Devro, LeChance & Christian Flores and The Bounce in the Livestock Room. 📷: Alison Boulier ... MORELESS