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Mondays at Fortune

Hip-Hop Karaoke (Monthly)

Featured Event: Hip-Hop Karaoke (Monthly)

Since Dec 2009, Hip-Hop Karaoke Vancouver has been making a ruckus in the heart of Chinatown at Fortune Sound Club. We do it up BIG once a month, always on a Monday with FLIPOUT running game…


Rock n Roll Suicides x HEF

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Feature Video: The M Machine Just Like Tour Mix

#FortuneHootup 2.0 The Assembly

Over the course of the last decade, Vancouver’s nightlife has gone through a rapid metamorphosis. This metamorphosis was brought by the technological advancements that were happening at an extremely fast pace, and one can argue that these advancements have been heavily influenced by the music industry, and have allowed for a new platform of musical depth.

Several key nights have surfaced within Vancouver and remain iconic staples to the city’s cultural landscape. From 60’s sockhop, to smooth baby making jams, it is evident that we are living in an era of musical abundance. On March 23rd, Fortune Sound Club and Hootsuite present some of the city’s longest- standing promoters and producers, to dive into how these industry moguls use social media to build their nights, strengthen their brands, and simultaneously grow and engage their communities.

Whether it be a head banging punk show, to a reggae infused weekly, the panelists featured at #FortuneHootup 2.0: The Assembly are all masters at their craft. Natasha Lands, aka Cherchez La Femme, is a key figure in Vancouver’s party scene and her current position is curator ...


Where to begin! How about with the lovely couple, Erin Deighton and Karin Bury… congrats on your engagement! How lucky were we all to share in your love last night.

Fortune Sound Club - such professionals! Thanks for making the band and the audience feel so welcome and comfortable. Shae and Wes were on the sound boards - these guys are top notch. This has got to be the best sounding club in Vancouver. How much did everyone love the staff? It was a perfect experience.

Thanks so much to our volunteers: Kelly, Bronwen, Rian, Emily, Sam and Lizy-Grace. You were fantastic as always. <3

Soo - always running around, getting things done, so the band doesn’t have to. You’re the best.

Soko Sound was recording sound for the video that Angela Latham-Music was shooting with her team. Again, such pros, we always know we're in good hands with these two.

To all of you amazing folks who came out to the show, we cannot thank you enough. There is no greater feeling than playing this music for you.

Our next three shows are in Victoria, Roberts Creek, and Salt Spring Island. See for information. Our Vancouver Pride tickets are already on sale, we’ll be at The Imperial, with a bunch of special guests. See you there. xoxo

Fortune Sound Club team,
Thank you so much for all your hospitality yesterday. All the staff was so helpful, respectful and delightful!!!!!

Shae-you are amazing. You made it so easy and beautiful for us.
Evans-thank you for sharing the space with us so gracefully.
Sam-you are such a gentleman. Thank you for keeping it safe for us at the door.

What a fantastic evening. You are the best team in town!

Fortune Sound Club updated their cover photo. ... MORELESS