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Happy Ending Fridays

Featured Event: Happy Ending Fridays

Happy Ending Fridays features the world’s best on rotation alongside local superstars including LeChance, Cherchez, Rich-A, J Soul, Christian Flores, Christine Yurie, Jolin Ras, Wtru, Tails, Dr.Seiz, Shaunic, Ekali, Kempeh & more! No matter what style…


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Feature Video: Nardwuar x Mick Jenkins

Nectar juicers provides healthy options to the gastown neighborhood

I had the chance to catch up with Tori Holmes, co-founder of the recently opened Nectar Juicery on Hastings Street, across from the Woodward’s building. This little shop opened almost a month ago and is already making a strong presence on the block.

With a  “Scandifornia” style shop designed by both Tori and local designer Kelly Deck, they wanted to create a space that has soul from within. From the traditional hand painted Moroccan tiles, to the beautiful copper chairs and lighting, this space really gives you the feeling of wellness and life.  “We chose copper chairs because copper petinas and is alive, so every person that sits in these chairs becomes a part of Nectar and the community,” Tori expresses.

All of the staff are certified holistic nutritionists, so they really know what they are talking about when it comes to juicing. “Our mission is when you walk into Nectar, you also walk out with free knowledge. People are overwhelmed with the food market, there are a lot of benefits without understanding the why. So here at Nectar, we teach you ...


Just want to give a shout out to the wicked staff who were present for the Landmark event yesterday. One of the bartenders went well out of his way for one of the band members who had a sore throat and went to Starbucks and got him a tea! Thanks guys! ... MORELESS

See you today at 3pm Fortune Sound Club ... Tickets on doors ... MORELESS

Today we are hosting the Landmark Events Showcase Festival SEMI-FINALS starting at 3pm and featuring some of Vancouver's best independent talent. Tickets available at the door. ... MORELESS

Landmark Events Showcase Festival SEMI-FINALS at FORTUNE SOUND CLUB (Vancouver)

August 30, 2015, 3:00pm

Fortune Sound Club

LME will be hosting their annual SHOWCASE FESTIVAL event at Fortune Sound Club ( WWW.LANDMARKEVENTS.NET Some of Vancouver's best independent talent will be performing in this one of a kind music festival! Tickets are only 14$ and can be obtained from Artists performing in th...