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Fridays at Fortune

Happy Ending Fridays

Featured Event: Happy Ending Fridays

Happy Ending Fridays features the worldโ€™s best on rotation alongside local superstars including LeChance, Cherchez, Rich-A, J Soul, Christian Flores, Christine Yurie, Jolin Ras, Wtru, Tails, Dr.Seiz, Shaunic, Ekali, Kempeh & more! No matter what style…


Cmdwn Collective

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Feature Video: ATCQ – Electric Relaxtion

Pay homage to rap every day of the year with RAP365

Rap music has one of the richest histories and some of the most passionate fans in the world. Don’t even try to start an argument with a hip hop head over the genius of Kanye West or whether J. Cole is in fact a good or bad rapper without all the facts unless you want to lose.

Looking for a way to pay homage to rap music every day of the year, local artists Mega McGrath from Street Script and Lauren Coutts from Kicksmas Cards teamed up to create RAP365: The 2017 Rap Calendar. Stacked with custom illustrations by the two artists including daily facts and iconic dates from the history of rap music, the calendar brings new life to the genre.

“One of my friends actually suggested [that I make a calendar] in passing and I kinda wrote it off as a joke,” explains McGrath about her inspiration behind the ambitious project. “I tend to take jokes (and things in general) a little too far, and while this calendar started out as a small project, it has basically become a full ...


Tonight! Smoke Dawg hosts a special SUP FU? Saturdays with residents Sailor Gerry, DJ Seko & DJ Marvel. Grab last minute tickets here: or at the door. ... MORELESS

Tonight! Smoke Dawg Hosts Sup Fu? Saturdays

January 21, 2017, 10:00pm - January 22, 2017, 2:00am

Fortune Sound Club

Toronto rapper Smoke Dawg (recently collaborated with Skepta + French Montana) hosts a special SUP FU? Saturdays January 21st with residents Sailor Gerry, DJ Seko + DJ Marvel. GET TICKETS --> Sponsored by Sidestage Presents, LRG Clothing, GMANandRIZK, Dipt, Pabst Blue Ribbon, CRESCE...

Photos up from Ali Shaheed Muhammad A Tribe Called Geek at Fortune Sound Club by Vancitynights

Ali Shaheed Muhammad ( A Tribe Called Quest) photo set up by Vancitynights