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Fridays at Fortune

Happy Ending Fridays

Featured Event: Happy Ending Fridays

Happy Ending Fridays features the world’s best on rotation alongside local superstars including Rich-A, Expendable Youth, Tristan Orchard, Electric Input, Chapel Sound, Killing Time, FLCNS, Christian Flores, Christine Yurie, Jolin Ras, Tiger & Darylo. No matter…


Rock n Roll Suicides x HEF

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Feature Video: The M Machine Just Like Tour Mix

#FortuneHootup 2.0 The Assembly

Over the course of the last decade, Vancouver’s nightlife has gone through a rapid metamorphosis. This metamorphosis was brought by the technological advancements that were happening at an extremely fast pace, and one can argue that these advancements have been heavily influenced by the music industry, and have allowed for a new platform of musical depth.

Several key nights have surfaced within Vancouver and remain iconic staples to the city’s cultural landscape. From 60’s sockhop, to smooth baby making jams, it is evident that we are living in an era of musical abundance. On March 23rd, Fortune Sound Club and Hootsuite present some of the city’s longest- standing promoters and producers, to dive into how these industry moguls use social media to build their nights, strengthen their brands, and simultaneously grow and engage their communities.

Whether it be a head banging punk show, to a reggae infused weekly, the panelists featured at #FortuneHootup 2.0: The Assembly are all masters at their craft. Natasha Lands, aka Cherchez La Femme, is a key figure in Vancouver’s party scene and her current position is curator ...


Vancouver, April 21st - I'm excited to be part of this show! Come see me rip it up Live with Non Phixion & more at Fortune Sound Club ... MORELESS