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Photo: Jamie Sands – Words: Kris “Fortune Teller” McDermott

The U’s were up for Denzel Curry as the rapper took over Fortune Sound Club Thursday night, despite publicly stating that he is going to quit rap indefinitely only a week ago. Zeltron took to Twitter on March 24 at which point the Florida rapper indicated that he is going to bow out of the limelight due to media integrity, fake friendships and a need for self-fulfilment.

Expressing a weirdness about supplying so many people with answers while he is still trying to learn how to navigate life himself the 23-year-old rap phenom went on to say that his “biggest fear is not letting myself, my fans, and my family down”. True to his word, Curry did not let anyone down Thursday night. Taking the stage a little after midnight Curry kicked off the holiday long-weekend with a high-energy set and for the third straight time, while performing at Vancouver’s best sounding venue for hip-hop, The Aquarius Killer…well killed it.

Beginning his hour and fifteen minutes set with “N64” from his 2013 debut studio album Nostalgic 64, Zeltron hit the sold-out venue with a fan-favourite to warm the already lit crowd up. As if the already incandescent venue was not hot enough Denny Cascade transitioned from the first song of the evening to the savagery that is “Bloodshed” off of 2017’s 13. Simply stating, “This is for all the weirdos out there”, Curry took a moment before launching into the third song on his setlist “Gook”.

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